Friday, June 29, 2012

Supreme Decision

Sorry this is a day late, but I was working nights...

As a doctor and writer on Health Care issues, I will simply state re: today's supreme court decision, the health care reform bill passed by congress and upheld today, while not perfect and definitely in need of tweeking and likely further legislation, has already led to health care coverage for my ER patients, including some last night who were sweating the decision for fear they would go back to the ranks of the uninsured. 
Nothing in this world is more frightening than the indignity of being sick and being unable to obtain proper care. Nothing is more frustrating to me than telling a person with a non emergent but potentially deadly illness that there is nothing I can do for you. Any steps that give people back some of their dignity, and relieve an uncertain and morbid future is a step forward in the right direction.


  1. The public did possess a view concerning the core of the court’s ruling, which asserted the law’s requirement that a majority of Americans obtain insurance or come up with a payment to the government could be justified being an exercise of Congress’s capacity to levy taxes.

  2. Are there anymore possibilities or appeals that this bill will be reconsidered for those enhancements? We must all be concerned about something as important as this. This has been an issue in the medical world for some time, and if there are any provisions that medical experts like you believe that is best for patients should be inside this bill, so be it.

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    The new House Bill for healthcare reform introduces ways to reduce crowding and boarding in the ERs, and better prepare them for disasters like pandemics and Katrina-type travesties. But they also put the focus on reducing ER use, as if overuse of ERs is responsible for the exhorbitant waste and cost of Healthcare.
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